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Blueas About It: Rock Blues Collection (2017)

Скачать бесплатно альбом Blueas About It: Rock Blues Collection (2017), в нём вы найдёте и при желание прослушаете такой трек, как , без регистрации. Хорошая песня в альбоме Blueas About It: Rock Blues Collection (2017).
Категория: Compilated
Исполнитель: Various Performers
Название: Blueas About It: Rock Blues Collection
Страна: US
Лейбл: VA-Album Rec.
Жанр музыки: Rock Blues
Дата релиза: 2017
Количество композиций: 140
Формат | Качество: MP3 | 320 kpbs
Продолжительность: 10 :22 :03
Размер: 1430 mb (+3%)

Подытожив услышанное, следует отметить, что микс-сборник "Blueas About It" вышел разнообразным в рамках жанра и иногда даже откровенно и не обычно лирическим. По нашему скромному суждению, на свежей пластинке американцев, как никогда ранее, расположилось большое количество произведений, которые достойны Вашего пристального внимания.

Список композиций:
01. Shelly Bonet - Cry Baby
02. Imperial Crowns - Grace Under Pressure
03. Rick Gibson Band - Dark Cloud Hangin
04. Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers - Hip Shakin' Mama
05. Royal Southern Brotherhood - I Wonder Why
06. Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy (Early Version)
07. Cactus - Juggernaut
08. Samantha Fish - I Put A Spell On You
09. Janiva Magness - Doorway
10. Zed Mitchell - Like You Do
11. Ana Popovic - Waiting on You (Double-Time Swing)
12. Mountain Men - Et puis le son
13. Joanne Shaw Taylor - Diamonds in the Dirt
14. JOE BONAMASSA - You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling
15. Stackhouse - Millionaire in My Time
16. Flamingstratman's Red House - No Time To Cry
17. Dark Horse Flyer - Out of Time
18. Timo Gross - Travellin, Pt. 2
19. Eric Clapton - Anyday
20. Aynsley Lister - Dishevelled
21. Fleetwood Mac - Only Over You (Alternate Version)
22. Jeremiah Johnson Band - Skip That Stone
23. The Hexmen - Hoochie Coochie Man
24. Devon Allman - Watch What You Say
25. Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers - Louisiana Woman
26. Popa Chubby - Blues For Charlie
27. Joanne Shaw Taylor - I'm In Chains
28. Eddie Martin - I've Lost My Phone
29. Marcus King Band, The - Plant Your Corn Early
30. Dirk Stelder - Prijs Op Mijn Hoofd
31. Cliff Stevens - Said The Wrong Thing
32. ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man (Live From Los Angeles)
33. Tanel Padar Blues Band - The Loop Of Love
34. Duke Robillard - The Mood Room (Feat. Kelley Hunt)
35. Davy Knowles - Three Miles From Avalon
36. Steve Hill - Troubled Times
37. Ray Cashman - Where The Blues Was Born
39. John the Revelator - Wandering eye
40. Jim McCarty - Excello Boogie [feat. Jason Ricci]
41. Dustin Pittsley Band - For the Ones We Leave Behind
42. No Sinner - Friend Of Mine
43. The Bob Lanza Blues Band - Go No Further
44. Doyle Bramhall II - Hands Up
45. The Arc Riders - Immigration
46. Nick Kody - One Day At A Time
47. The Butterfield Blues Band - Two Trains Running
48. Black Pistol Fire - Wake the Riot
49. T-99 - What An Island
50. Russian Money - Where Do We Go
51. 8 Ball Aitken - You Shook Me All Night Long
52. John Lee Hooker - You Know I Love You
53. Larry Miller - Mississipi Mama
54. Joanne Shaw Taylor - I Wish I Could Wish You Back
55. Terry Davidson & The Gears - That's Not It
56. Heavy Mama - Wishing Well (Demo)
57. The Grand East - Dreaming
58. Jeff Beck - Edna
59. Cliff Stevens - If I Didn't Love You
60. Mountain Men - One Way Left
61. The Greasy Slicks - Street Queen
62. Jason Marsh Band - Breaking Through
63. Liz Mandeville - Bad Blues Habit
64. Mick Abrahams - Chicken Run Aka Flat Tyres
65. Fantastic Negrito - Lost In A Crowd
66. Gary Hoey - Back Up Against The Wall
67. Manu Lanvin - When I'm Down
68. Phil Gates - The Machine
70. Beth Hart - Good day to cry

01. Chase The Sun - Shoot to Thrill
02. Rick Gibson Band - Curtis Lee
03. JOE BONAMASSA - Lonesome Whistle Blues
04. Gail Page And Jan Rynsaardt - What Do You Do for Money Honey
05. The Bob Lanza Blues Band - When the Sun Comes Up
06. Heavy Mama - Dark Room (Demo)
07. Jeremiah Johnson Band - Get In The Middle
08. Duke Robillard - No More Tears
09. Dirk Stelder - Waar Is De Swamp
10. John the Revelator - Under the bridge
11. Timo Gross - Caribou River
12. Beth Hart - Let's get together
13. Doyle Bramhall II - My People
14. Marcus King Band, The - Jealous Man
15. Shelly Bonet - Love In A Dangerous World
16. Steve Hill - Rhythm All Over
17. Aynsley Lister - Time
18. Ana Popovic - Who’s Yo' Mama
19. Russian Money - Drifter
20. Cactus - Headed For A Fall
21. Jim McCarty - Homesick for My Baby
22. Shaun Kirk - Let Me Put My Love into You
23. The Greasy Slicks - Manipulator
24. T-99 - Medicine
25. Jason Marsh Band - Luminosity
26. Larry Miller - Bathsheba
27. Samantha Fish - Black Wind Howlin'
28. Zed Mitchell - Blue Heart
29. Cliff Stevens - Crying My Heart Out
30. Eddie Martin - Graceful Ways
31. ZZ Top - Legs (Live From Sao Paolo)
32. Davy Knowles - Oxford, Ms
33. Ray Cashman - Thank God I Have You
34. Liz Mandeville - What Is Truth
35. Joanne Shaw Taylor - Manic Depression
36. Black Pistol Fire - Copperhead Kiss
37. Mountain Men - Flowers
38. Flamingstratman's Red House - Love Music
39. The Arc Riders - Moonchild
40. Imperial Crowns - Something Of Value
41. The Grand East - Water
42. Mick Abrahams - Detroit Aka Leavin' Detroit
43. Royal Southern Brotherhood - Face Of Love
44. Joanne Shaw Taylor - I'm In Chains
45. Fantastic Negrito - In The Pines
46. Terry Davidson & The Gears - Thirteen Hour Train
47. Phil Gates - We're Together
48. Janiva Magness - Your House Is Burnin'
49. Gary Hoey - Ghost Of Yesterday
50. Dark Horse Flyer - Mambo Mama
51. Cliff Stevens - Said The Wrong Thing
52. Devon Allman - Vancouver
53. Manu Lanvin - Whippin' Boy
54. Eric Clapton - After Midnight
55. Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers - Let's Get Dirty
56. Popa Chubby - Dirty Diesel
57. Joanne Shaw Taylor - I Wish I Could Wish You Back
58. Fleetwood Mac - If You Were My Love (Outtake)
59. Tanel Padar Blues Band - Wake Me Up
61. The Hexmen - Come On In To My Kitchen
62. Stackhouse - Cool Drink of Water Blues
63. No Sinner - Fading Away
64. Nick Kody - High Water Days
65. The Butterfield Blues Band - Never Say No
66. Dustin Pittsley Band - Slow Down
68. Playskool - Shake a Leg
69. Jeff Beck - The Ballad of the Jersey Wives
70. John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom (Bonus Track)

Скачать: Blueas About It: Rock Blues Collection (2017)

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