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Velvet Blues: 150 Works Of Gold Masters (2018)

Скачать бесплатно альбом Velvet Blues: 150 Works Of Gold Masters (2018), в нём вы найдёте и при желание прослушаете такой трек, как , без регистрации. Хорошая песня в альбоме Velvet Blues: 150 Works Of Gold Masters (2018).
Категория: Unmixed
Исполнитель: Various Artist
Название: Velvet Blues: 150 Works Of Gold Masters
Страна: World
Лейбл: VA-Album Rec.
Жанр музыки: Blues, Rock Blues
Дата релиза: 2018
Количество композиций: 155
Формат | Качество: MP3 | 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 10 :35 :25
Размер: 1460 mb (+3%)

Альбом "Velvet Blues: 150 Works Of Gold Masters" готов разбавить Ваше длительное одиночество прекрасными, а самое основное, свежими песнями, множество из тех, что определенно попадут в Ваш личный и часто слушаемый трек-лист.

Список композиций:
001. Allen Toussaint - On Your Way Down
002. The Blind Boys Of Alabama - Stay on the Gospel Side
003. Sam Green and the Midnight Heist - Where You're From
004. Wille and the Bandits - Hot Rocks
005. Jade Bennett - Point Of No Return
006. Supersonic Blues Machine - Somebody's Fool
007. Rocky Athas - You Pushed Me Too Far
008. Impromptu - Todo el Día Me Pregunto
009. Jimm Ross - Reminders Of Home
010. The big blue house - Black eyes
011. Downchild Blues Band - Can't Get Mad
012. The Enzymes - Catalyst for Change
013. Ry Cooder - Gentrification
014. The Blues Mystery - Has humankind lost its soul
015. Shaw Davis & the Black Ties - Hell with Ya
016. Mezcaleros Blues Band - Humanos
017. Will Wilde - I'm Your Witchdoctor
018. Blindstone - Keep The Rock Alive
019. Dirty Dave Osti - Louisiana Outlaw
020. Jane Lee Hooker - Mama Said
021. Aaron Keylock - Medicine Man
022. Jean Paul Rena - Paper Bag
023. Depravity Brothers - Selling Your Soul
024. Deltaphonic - Supernatural
025. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Goin' Down Slow
026. Val Starr - What Happens After Midnight
027. Derrick Dove & the Peacekeepers - Brand New Life
028. Run With Patience - Unbreakable
029. Tami Neilson - A Woman's Pain
030. Pam Taylor - Already Alright
031. Andy Watts - Riviera Paradise
032. Dudley Taft - Edge of Insane
033. Rusty McCarthy - Fancy Footwork
034. Subluna - Freight Train
035. Lew Jetton - Mexico
036. Shaggy Dogs - No Second Round
037. Lee Harvey & the Oswalds - Obama
038. Mojomama - Rise Above
039. Paradise Kings - Slow Down
040. Dan Patlansky - Too Far Gone
041. Beth Garner - Used To Be
042. Omar & The Howlers - Zoltar's Walk
043. George Dyer Band - Slow Jam in A
044. Devil Jo & The Backdoormen - I Got It
045. Pascal Geiser - Now You're Gone
046. Christine Parri - Be A Man
047. Jan James - Cry Cry Cry
048. Freddie King - That Will Never Do
049. Angel Forrest - House Of The Rising Sun
050. Melancholy - Strong Man
051. The Buzzhounds - Rollin'
052. Guy Verlinde And The Houserockers - Snap!
053. Patrik Jansson Band - Those Days Are Gone
054. Gary Moore - Can't Find My Baby
055. The Dirty Mojo Blues Band - Honey Bee
056. Angelina Hunter Trio - I Never Loved Ya
057. Black Stone Cherry - I Want To Be Loved
058. Elles Bailey - Let Me Hear You Scream
059. The Static Shift - Oak Trees
060. Mike Zito - Old Black Graveyard
061. Van Morrison - Take It Easy Baby
062. Bridget Kelly Band - Trouble in Texas
063. Rosedale - Before You
064. Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Down For Love
065. Oscar Benton - I'll Come Ridin'
066. Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz
067. Bluezzcontrol - Not My Fault
068. Per Frost - Sinking Like A Stone
069. Laurence Jones - Take Me
070. The Capitols - I Got My Mojo Working
071. Blindstone - Waste A Little Time On Me
072. Too Slim And The Taildraggers - A Llttle More True
073. Blindstone - A Love Manifesto
074. Blindstone - By the River
075. Adi Barar Band - Cars Hiss by My Window
076. Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings - Flatfoot Sam
077. Justin Quinn Band - Secretary
078. Livin' Blues - Skidrow
079. Trish Kerr - Spirit
080. Peter Karp - From Where I Stand
081. Big Wolf Band - Been Here Too Long
082. Karizma Duo - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Acoustic Version
083. Dana Fuchs - Ready To Rise
084. Crow Black Chicken - Ripples In The Sand
085. Rufus - Night Time Is the Right Time
086. Vargas Blues Band - Espiritu Celeste
087. Dave Fields - Pocket Full Of Dust
088. Temporary Roads - A Matter Of Time
089. Kev Spencer - Even When You're Wrong
090. Johnnie Taylor - Blues In the Night
091. Beth Hart - Leave The Light On
092. Brook Benton - Born Under a Bad Sign
093. Buddy Guy - You Did The Crime
094. Booker T. - Expressway
095. LaVern Baker - Young Woman's Blues
096. Percy Sledge - My Special Prayer
097. Ike & Tina Turner - A Fool for a Fool
098. Sam & Dave - Don't Make It So Hard On Me
099. Carla Thomas - Red Rooster
100. Doris Troy - Just One Look
101. Nina Van Horn - Sinnerman
102. Oscar Benton - Old, But Happy
103. Mable John - Your Good Thing (Is About to End)
104. Peter Ward - Kansas City Blues
105. Ghalia & Mama's Boys - Hiccup Boogie
106. Catfish John Tisdell - Too Late To Turn Back
107. Headline Blues Band - Mr Clean's Got A Dirty Mind
108. Ben E. King - Young Boy Blues
109. DUKE ROBILLARD - Easy Living
110. Solomon Burke - Goodbye Baby
111. Ben Harper - Nothing At All
112. Buddy Guy - Old Fashioned
113. Rufus Thomas - Boom Boom
114. Janiva Magness - Home
115. King Curtis - You Don't Miss Your Water
116. The Yellbows - Oh My Darling
117. Jay Sewall - House Of The Rising Sun
118. Renovation Blues Band - Cold Cold Ground
119. Amy Kucharik - Perfect Rhyme
120. Reloaded - Listen now
121. Eddie Floyd - I've Just Been Feeling Bad
122. The Watts 103rd. Street Rhythm Band - Stormy Monday
123. The Swagger Kings - Enough
124. Lilly Martin - Love Gets In The Way
125. Arthur Conley - I Got a Feeling
126. Eugene Wareley - My Heart Is True
127. Wilson Pickett - Mustang Sally
128. Kathy Boye & The DTG Gang - 04. Crazy 16 Blues
129. Loel Stein Jr - Heartbreaker
130. Carolyn Gaines - Stone Out Your Raggly Mind
131. Ray Charles - Hard Times
132. Main Street Blues - The Same Thing
133. Lazy Eye - Black Hill
134. Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa - Black Coffee
135. Bettye LaVette - Political World
136. Justin Johnson - I Put A Spell On You
137. Freddie Nyström Band - Dubbla Budskap
138. Karen Lovely - Under The Midnight Sun
139. James Armstrong - Second Time Around
140. Geoff Achison - Delta Dave
141. Taj Mahal - Coconut Man
142. The Miltones - Carlos
143. Aretha Franklin - Why I Sing the Blues
144. Little Axe - London Blues
145. Freddie Nyström Band - Upp och ner
146. Radio Warszawa - Hammers Blues
147. Chris Cain - Tired Of The Way You Do
148. Ali McGuirk - The Calling
149. Jessy Martens and Band - Stronger
150. Rev. Sekou* - Resist
151. Otis Redding - Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)
152. John McNamara - One, Two Of A Kind
153. Carl Verheyen - I Take What I Want
154. Gina Sicilia - Don't Want To Be In Love
155. Christ Ruest & Gene Taylor - Crazy Mixed Up World

Скачать: Velvet Blues: 150 Works Of Gold Masters (2018)

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Скачать Velvet Blues: 150 Works Of Gold Masters (2018) бесплатно Mp3
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